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Family Day Care


Hi, I’m Haley. I’m a Mother to my 4 year old son, and a passionate caregiver providing Family Day Care in my home in the Trinity Estate in Alkimos, Perth, Australia. 

I have a background of over 20 years working with, caring for and educating children, including in a child care setting, managing private and corporate child care services, as a Nanny, and in both private and government schools; most recently working with children to support additional learning and behavioural needs.


If you’ve just started looking for care for your child, finding the right service to meet your family’s needs is important. 

A small mixed aged group in a comfortable home environment may be the right option for you. 






Open Tuesday & Fridays 7am - 5pm 

Casual days and overnights may be available  on request for enrolled families. 

My Family Day Care will have a maximum of 3 enrolled children in care and places are offered for children aged 12 mths - 4 years. 

Updated 28/04/22 - current vacancies 

Tuesday - 0

Friday - 0

Updated 02/02/22 - current waiting list

Tuesday - 3

Friday - 0

Please enquire to be added to the waiting list. 


- Diploma in Children's Services 

- Certificate 3 in Children’s Services

- Child Care First Aid and CPR

- Working With Children Check

- National Police Clearance 

- Child Protection

- Food Safety & Allergy Awareness 

- Council Approved Food Registration Certificate

- Sun Safety

I ensure my skills are continually meeting current best practices and ensure I undertake regular industry related professional development opportunities. I regularly access relevant resources and actively network with industry professionals to ensure my skills and knowledge in caring for and educating children are continually developing. I meet regularly with the West Coast Family Day Care Services team as part of my continuing improvement plan, with a focus on accessing professional learning opportunities. 



My values consist of those of my brand Cocoon Kin; providing a nurturing environment for all children, forming a secure attachment and responding to a child’s individual needs and unique personality.

Gentle, responsive and respectful caregiving is the foundation for a healthy relationship and a secure attachment.  All children will be set up for success, guided, celebrated and valued for their individuality. 

My goal is to provide inclusive, holistic care for all families, working together to provide for your child’s individual care requirements. Orientation periods are encouraged and are utilised to get to know one another in a relaxed environment and form a trusting relationship and a bond with your child.

I understand the anxiety of leaving your child in the care of someone else, and I am here to support you through this. I encourage open and honest communication, parent participation and working together to support your child’s transition into their new care environment.

I understand the emotional needs of children, throughout and beyond infancy. For younger babies, I offer babywearing to support sleep and provide comfort, and I will ensure the sleep needs of babies and children are met through support, comfort and connection. 


My program caters for all individual children, inclusive of all skills and abilities. The focus is on learning through play, providing a play-based environment full of variety and child-initiated experiences both indoors and outdoors.

The learning environments are set up to meet and extend children’s skills and abilities, provide challenges and set all children up for success.

The program provides opportunities for excursions relating to our current interests. Local excursions occur regularly and provide opportunities for extended physical and social play, involvement in the community and participate in sustainable practices. 

Our daily program values and celebrates all children, inclusive of cultures, abilities and family background. 

My planned individual and group learning opportunities are developed through observation of current interests, and are linked to the outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework and ensure compliance with the National Quality Standards. 


My home environment is air conditioned, and consists of a main play area, meals area, rest and sleep area, children’s toilet and bathroom and a lounge and kitchen. The outdoor area is spacious, with a large paved undercover area and astro turf lawn. I have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor toys and learning materials to cater for all age groups. The designated rooms and spaces comply with all regulated safety standards. 

We have no pets, and are an allergy aware, sun safe service. 

Emergency evacuations will be practiced every 3 months as per regulations. 

My car is fitted with 3 forward facing 6mth-8yrs/0-4 yrs child restraints with infant inserts if required. All child restraints are kept within 5 years of date of manufacture and comply with Australian standards by law. 

Car travel will be required for occasional before and after school care bookings, and used for excursions as part of our educational program. All families will be required to complete an excursion permission form on enrolment. 



All meals including breakfast (prior to 8am) are included in your daily fee. A rotating menu has been developed with input from our families. A healthy breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and regular snacks will be provided for all children. All allergies and dietary requirements will be catered for (within reason) and family input is encouraged to assist in catering for children’s likes and dislikes. Where possible, children are invited to be involved in the preparation and cooking of food. Meal times may be at the meals table (booster seats provided for children requiring this) or as a picnic style either indoor or outdoors, or even at the local park if weather permits. Meal times are a social, relaxed and positive experience which contributes to the development of healthy relationships with food, and for providing autonomy for the children to listen to their own bodies and make decisions about trying new food and what they want to eat. 


My service provides online access for all parent communication. 

The Kinderloop platform is used for all documentation of observations and learning outcomes, and daily communication. After enrolment, an invite will be sent to parents to join. 


$120 per day

Child Care Subsidy information and how to claim https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/child-care-subsidy

Fees are required to be paid two weeks in advance of care, with a two weekly advance fee payment payable in addition to your first invoice (accounts remain two weeks in credit at all times). 
Full fees will be charged and payable by all families until the CCS has been approved and applied to the account. 


My passion for the well-being of children and supporting parents lead me to start my business Cocoon Kin; providing a community for parents that provides resources and offers professional support to foster a gentle parenting journey. These resources and support services are available for all my Family Day Care families.

Resources can be located from the Main Menu. 


Parent Handbook 

Policies and procedures


Cocoon Kin Family Day Care is supported by West Coast Family Day Care Services 




Please email haley@cocoonkin.com.au or use the website contact form. 
Alternatively you can send a message via the Cocoon Kin (@cocoonkin) Facebook page or text/call 0405172857. 


Please contact me to make a time to come and meet me and see my home environment. Children are welcome and encouraged to attend your first visit. I like to schedule an hour for this so it’s relaxed and we can discuss your care requirements in detail. 

If you have any follow up questions after your visit, please feel free to get in touch. 

After your visit, please advise me with your confirmation to enrol as soon as possible and I can secure your child’s place while you complete the enrolment process. 

To proceed with your online enrolment please click here



Providing Information

After enrolling and prior to your child’s start date, please provide me as much information on your child as possible. We will touch on a lot at your first visit and during orientations, but some information in writing before your child starts will be so helpful for their transition into my care. 

I request that parents send me an email including the following - 

• dietary information such as any allergies/ intolerances, usual daily intake, likes and dislikes and also what foods you haven’t tried yet or ones to avoid such as apple skins, carrot sticks, grapes (age appropriate foods) , additives to avoid and common allergy foods. 

• for infants - whether they are breast or bottle fed, usual schedule for this and if you would like to visit to breastfeed during the day. If there are things I need to be aware of such as reflux, teething, nappy rash, and where their physical development is at that time such as rolling, sitting with support, standing. 

• sleep/ rest requirements including preferred ways of settling to sleep and ways they likes to be comforted and any comforters used at home such as white noise, soft music or a special toy. 

• basic routine while at home

• if they have previously been in a care setting and whether or not they have been away from you before and cared for by family or friends 

• home and family dynamics (siblings, extended family at home, are grandparents close by, does one parent work away, are you a blended family) 

• languages spoken, cultural practices and whether you celebrate certain festivities 

•a bit about their personality, current interests and things you’d like me to explore or focus on with them 

• approximate drop off and pick up times and how you plan to navigate drop offs (will you stay for a while or be leaving straight away)

• any other information for me that will help with their transition into my care

Please send this information in an email to haley@cocoonkin.com.au with your child’s full name in the subject area. 


After your enrolment has been finalised through West Coast Family Day Services, I encourage parents to schedule some orientation visits prior to starting on the first day. This will assist our new children to familiarise themselves with their new environment and provide an opportunity to develop trust in my care with the comfort of their parents here with them. This also provides an opportunity for open communication regarding the first days of care and transitioning into this, intentions around drop offs, and expectations if your child is unsettled during the day. 

After your enrolment has been finalised, I will liaise with parents to gather as much information on their child’s personality, needs and interests to support a positive transition into care. Home routines and rituals will be followed as much as possible and your child will be provided with plenty of care and comfort during this transition. 


I will provide parents with details to join our private Kinderloop app where all notices, important information, planning and observations will be communicated. Clear and regular communication is imperative between caregivers and families. Kinderloop is a great tool for written communication and is a great way for parents to see their child’s daily experiences through photos and observations. Communication via Kinderloop can be used to notify me of any changes to routines, a previous unsettled night, a change in an authorised person collecting your child, or a quick check in on your child. It’s also a great tool if the mornings are a little rushed and there’s limited time to chat at drop off. 

Kinderloop Parent FAQ

Signing in and out

After enrolment you will receive a parent PIN number via email. Please keep this handy as this will be used to sign your child in and out of care electronically via the centre IPad. 


What to bring

As we are a small home-based centre, the chance of items getting lost is minimal, however please ensure all of your child’s items are labelled, including initials on clothing tags (Hippo Blue have some inexpensive waterproof labels that are great for all items). 

Please ensure your child is dressed in clothing that is easily accessible for nappy changes and non-restrictive. 

We enjoy plenty of messy play and food exploration at meal times, so please dress your child in clothing that is suitable for this. Art aprons and bibs are provided and use if these will be encouraged. 

Please pack in your child’s bag - (if applicable) 

- nappies and nappy cream 
- disposable wet wipes for nappy changes, or flushable wipes for toileting (to stay at centre and restocked as needed)
- comforters (dummy, teddy etc) 
- a container with lid for dummies 
- any preferred bedding such as a safe sleep suit or special blanket (organic cotton sheets and bamboo blankets will be provided) 
- 50+ suncream* (if prefer own or have allergies)
- 2 x sets of spare clothing and as the weather changes some layers to keep warm if needed (example for Autumn - 2 tshirts, 2 shorts, a lightweight zip up jacket or loose long sleeved shirt/pull over, and a pair of trackpants/leggings) 
- at least 2 x spare underwear (if toileting)
- a plastic bag (one to always stay in your child’s bag for any wet/soiled clothing) 
- a hat, preferably bucket style and covers the back of the neck
- any medications (handed to me on arrival and form to be signed) 
- capped bottles with measured cooled boiled water / formula portions already measured  
- leak proof water bottle/ sippy cup*
- appropriate shoes packed in bag (if walking)

*50+ suncream and wet wipes for general use will be provided, aswell as self serve access to clean cups and drinking water.