My Story

Hi! I’m Haley, and I am the founder of Cocoon Kin.
I have a beautiful son, Coby, who’s birth gave me the gift of a love that I never knew existed. My instincts lead me on a journey of responsive and attachment-based parenting. By creating this community, I want to share and connect with parents around the world and provide inspiring resources to help with the blessing of parenthood.

How Cocoon Kin Began

I have an extensive background and qualifications in child education and development - but nothing could prepare me enough for parenthood. I had the ideas, the ‘books’ and the training I needed to know how to be a parent, right? Not so much.

Birthing Coby introduced myself to a whole new me. Everything I’d learnt and read went out the window and a Mother evolved; my maternal instincts took over and there was no manual that explained how to follow these. 

I responded to his every need; and this was the way I wanted to parent. I didn’t have the confidence at first to share my parenting norms - but those quiet, solitary hours breastfeeding on cue during the night led me to research into this style of parenting. 

I came across a recommendation for The Beyond Sleep Training Project - entering the group felt like I had found my dream tribe! From there, I connected with other like-minded parenting groups and started to spread the word myself, and my confidence in responsive and attachment parenting grew. I eventually started my own Gentle Parenting Group, and the idea of Cocoon Kin evolved from there. Our Parent Resource Directory is expanding daily, and I have ensured that all recommendations I provide align with the values of Cocoon Kin and support gentle, attachment and responsive parenting styles. You can read more about our group from the ‘About’ page.

I hope to equip, inform and inspire you to be the best parent you can be.
Haley x