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My Story

Hi! I’m Haley, and I am the founder of Cocoon Kin.
I have a beautiful son, Coby, who’s birth gave me the gift of a love that I never knew existed. My instincts lead me on a journey of responsive and attachment-based parenting. By creating this community, I want to share and connect with parents around the world and provide inspiring resources and essential products to help with the blessing of parenthood.

How Cocoon Kin Began

I have an extensive background and qualifications in child education and development - but nothing could prepare me enough for parenthood. I had the ideas, the ‘books’ and the training I needed to know how to be a parent, right? Not so much.

Birthing Coby introduced myself to a whole new me. Everything I’d learnt and read went out the window and a Mother evolved; my maternal instincts took over and there was no manual that explained how to follow these. 

I responded to his every need; and this was the way I wanted to parent. I didn’t have the confidence at first to share my parenting norms - but those quiet, solitary hours breastfeeding on cue during the night led me to research into this style of parenting. 

I came across a recommendation for The Beyond Sleep Training Project - entering the group felt like I had found my dream tribe! From there, I connected with other like-minded parenting groups and started to spread the word myself, and my confidence in responsive and attachment parenting grew. I eventually started my own Gentle Parenting Group, and the idea of Cocoon Kin evolved from there. Our Parent Resource Directory is expanding daily, and I have ensured that all recommendations I provide align with the values of Cocoon Kin and support gentle, attachment and responsive parenting styles.

Our Organic Collection

When looking for the perfect baby essentials, I found it hard to find all the necessary items I needed in one place - so I have made it my mission to curate and create the highest quality essential items for Mother and baby.

After doing extensive research into the best fabrics for my baby and performing plenty of trial and error, I decided to opt for using organic cotton and bamboo. As well as running on the hot side, my son had sensitive skin that needed extra care; so these fabrics were best for us. Since using them, I have learnt so much about organically grown fabrics; the impact they have on the environment, and how healthy they are for us. These fabrics are super soft, high quality and washed really well - so it was a big advantage for me.

We source our organic fabrics and products from Australian businesses that use ethical farming and manufacturing, and ensure they meet the best of quality standards. 

These products helped me on my journey as a new mother, and I hope they help you too. With the resources and products on offer, I hope to equip, inform and inspire you to be the best parent you can be.

Haley x