NOR Homeschool Community Kids Club


The new Homeschool Community Kids Club will provide a fun, social, holistic learning environment for children and a safe place away from the home to feel welcome and belong. The drop and leave program will provide time for parents to take some respite and give the community an alternative option for when they are unable to access other early childhood programs. Our sessions are held weekly throughout the year and are located in Eglington, north of the river. 


Tuesdays 9:30am- 2:30pm

Thursdays 9:30am - 2:30pm 

Drop off and pick up time within these hours is flexible and parents can drop off and collect their children from the session as they wish. The Club is not limited to school term dates and is open all year round, and welcomes children to attend one/both sessions throughout the week. 

Dates closed -

We will close on certain dates over the Christmas period, Public Holidays and on occasion when the sessions are cancelled for reasons out of my control (notice will be given for all closures). For public holiday closures, sessions may be offered for that week on alternative days. 



Managing Facilitator

Hi, I’m Haley. I am a loving Mother to my 6 year old son and a passionate & highly experienced Diploma Qualified Educator.  

I have an extensive background working with, caring for and educating children of all ages, that spans well over 20 years. 

Over the most recent years, I have finished up in my career educating in mainstream schooling, opened my own Family Day Care and began my journey as a homeschooling parent. During this time my intentions aspired to provide a socialising opportunity specifically for local homeschooled children, and a much needed village for families juggling work, homeschooling and full time parenting, and so my idea for the Homeschool Community Kids Club began.

I am looking forward to bringing a community together; being part of a group of like-minded families, creating a place for support, watching our children form new friendships, and fostering a sense of belonging for both parents and children. 



Hi, I’m Abby and I am so excited to be joining the NOR Homeschool Community Kids Club. 
I love being a Mum to my 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter who keep me very busy.
I have a Certificate IV in Education Support and have experience working as an Education Assistant and Support Worker. I’m very passionate about providing a safe and supportive environment for children to learn and grow.

I look forward to meeting you all and can’t wait to watch our friendships and community grow.


Casual Facilitator

Hi, I’m Nina. I am a passionate Diploma Qualified Educator. I have worked previously in the early childhood sector for 6.5 years, which then led me to start my own business for babysitting and support work.

I currently work part time in a special needs school where I’ve worked with all abilities and age groups, from verbal to complex communication needs. I am also currently starting to study speech as I believe everyone has the right to be heard and be able to communicate.

I am looking forward to this wonderful journey with all.


* Our Facilitators hold a current Working with Children Check, National Police Clearance, First Aid & CPR, and relevant experience, qualifications and insurances. 


The Homeschool Community Kids Club is a drop and leave social session for lower primary aged home schooled children and children not starting mainstream schooling until their Pre-Primary year.

These sessions run on Tuesdays & Thursdays from the Allara Estate in Eglington in the lovely community share space. 

We welcome approximately 12 children aged from 4-8 years (with flexibility) operating from an air conditioned indoor building and utilising the surrounding outdoor recreational spaces including the Kinkuna nature and water playground. Our nurturing Facilitator's assist with self-guided learning, provide supervision, support for individual needs and give flexibility for the children to engage in a range of play opportunities.

The Kids Club environment will provide opportunities to develop social skills; supporting the blend of diverse personalities and navigation of new friendships, guiding respectful interactions, advocating for the  children’s own boundaries and development of self confidence. There will be support for developing and using self help skills, personal hygiene practices and working as a team to respect and take care of our environment.

Every child will be treated with respect, and each unique personality welcomed and celebrated.

* Please be advised this is a private arrangement for families and not a regulated child care service nor eligible for Child Care Subsidy. Vaccination regulations do not apply. 


Our flexible daily program will incorporate the children's needs, choices & interests; providing space for imaginative play, sensory discovery, creativity, physical movement, and plenty of free play and outdoor exploration. While we have a general rhythm for the day, the routine is not structured and allows flexibility for the development of children’s interests and curiosity; follow their lead and meeting individual needs. 

Learning is child-led with plenty of opportunities for this to occur incidentally, supported by our Facilitators who follow the children’s lead for welcoming in guidance, support with play and extension of curiosity.  Guided by adopted educational approaches, we strive for process over product and encourage children’s use of their own unique processes and skills. 

Children’s needs for quiet time and rest are provided for if needed and there will be space where children can take some time for solitude and engage in more mindful opportunities.

Children’s interests in technology and regulation needs are supported and an area will be provided to engage in a challenge of Educational Minecraft for those that want to participate with their own tablet devices. 
*If your child will be participating, before your first session please download the Minecraft Education app onto your child’s device. Please note all children must bring a suitable fully charged device with them that can join a WIFI network. Devices brought in are at the parents discretion and Facilitators take no responsibility for devices during our sessions. A Facilitator will log your child in to our own private server if they are participating. 

Aspects of our philosophy and program are influenced and guided by theorists, approaches, educational theories and learning styles including - Daniel Greenberg, Susan Isaacs, Tina Bruce, Rudof Steiner, Reggio Emilia, John Dewey, Lev Vytgotski, Albert Bandura, Jean Piaget, John Bowlby and The Curiosity Approach. 


All children are required to bring enough food for their individual requirements. Please provide an insulated food box avoiding any known allergens (these will be communicated with parents in our Facebook Group as they arise). We encourage waste-free packaging and a nutritious variety of food for sustained energy if possible. 

The children can choose to eat when they like, along with the times we invite everyone to join together for a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. There will be opportunities for your child to chop their own fruit and veg so whole pieces are welcome to bring in for this.

Eating times are a relaxed opportunity for establishing healthy relationships with food; exposure to and discussing new foods they may see being eaten, and allowing children autonomy with their bodies. 

Please ensure a full water bottle is provided.


Daily communication specific to your child’s individual needs can be helpful in supporting them during the session. Communication can be verbal at drop off, via text message, or if no confidentiality is required by using the Facebook Group platform. 

We kindly ask all parents to save the Clubs contact number on their phone after enrolment. 

We welcome family participation and a parent or close member of the family may spend an hour or two joining their child in play on request. There will also be opportunities for parents to facilitate their own planned experience for the children or share a special skill. 

Parents are welcome to bring in recyclable resources that we can use on the day (storage is limited) such as cardboard boxes, paper, cardboard and loose parts. Requests for resources will be communicated in the Parent Facebook Group. 


We strive to cater for each child’s individual needs while at the club and our aim is to work with parents to best accomodate for this. Our Facilitators have experience providing specific individual support requirements including the need for sensory accommodations. 

During our first meet and greet, we request any individual needs to be clearly communicated so we can assess if the environment and resources are sufficient to provide the required support during our sessions, while also taking into account our capacity to provide extra support with the current requirements already provided for. This includes any professional diagnosis, engagement with support services, specialist recommendations, regular medications, current challenges and history of social experience. This information is expected to be fully disclosed when we meet in order to work together and support your child while here.

Our aim is to provide a low-demand environment, and Facilitators have an awareness of how over stimulation in the environment can affect the nervous system. All children will have autonomy when they are present and although gentle and supportive encouragement to engage in play and curiosity will be offered, it is the children’s choice how they enjoy their time here. 

Our Facilitators take a gentle, respectful and responsive approach when navigating children's emotions and behaviours. Children will be supported if dysregulated or challenging behaviours present. If a child is displaying unsafe or socially inappropriate behaviours a Facilitator will remain with the child and encourage the use of a space away from the group with low stimulation, model regulation strategies, provide a safe space for a release of emotions, encourage safe sensory seeking activities, physical movement or space outside.

Individual behaviour management strategies will be regularly reviewed with parents and an assessment made if our sessions are able to support all children’s needs. Facilitators and parents will work together to provide a safe and supportive environment for all children. 

If your child requires support aides such as noise cancelling headphones, wobble cushions, weighted or sensory tools, please ensure these are brought in with your child and they are aware they have them and are easily accessible.  


When attending a drop and leave session, starting with shorter sessions may be beneficial for your child to begin with if this is the first time being separated. If separation is where support will be needed, we recommend once we decide on an agreed plan for separation and once it is time to leave, that the goodbye is not prolonged. Our Facilitators will support and comfort your child and keeping to the separation plan will start the establishment of a predictable routine for your child, and reduces the duration of any anxiety that may present.

Our caring Facilitators will always check in to communicate how your child is shortly after leaving and regularly throughout the session if required. The children’s well-being is most important, and if any child is distressed for a certain period of time and cannot be comforted, parents will be contacted. 

Depending on the chosen time of pick up, we may be across the road at the nature playground or in the building. Towards closing time we will most likely be grouped together reflecting on our day, and all packed and ready for a smooth pick up transition at the door. After an active and social day the children may be getting tired, anticipating their parent arrival or may show signs of dysregulation if the Facilitators attention is required, so we kindly ask parents to keep chats at this time to a minimum as we continue to attend to the children at the end of the day.

Supervision of all children is of the highest priority and if you are collecting your child from the playground, please check in with the Facilitator supervising there when you arrive. All parents must return to the building to sign their child out for the day.

Haley will be available on the Club contact number after the session for any follow up communication required and if there is any important information we need to pass on this will be communicated via message during the day. Photos of our day will be uploaded into our parent Facebook Group and looking at these with your child is a lovely opportunity for parent/child connection at the end of a busy day.  

Drop off and pick up outside of the session hours is not optional due to the hiring of the venue and set up/pack up times, so we kindly ask that arrival is not prior to opening time and an arrangement for on time collection be made if there is a chance of running late. 


Clear guidelines for illness and exclusion protects the health of our families and the children attending the Club.

Exclusions apply for consistent runny noses, coloured mucus, persistent coughs, active cold sores and any other communicable illnesses. 

We encourage parents to seek our advice before bringing your child into the session if there is any questions regarding a potential illness. If a child is dropped off and signs of illness are present then parents are called to arrange collection. 

As we strive to provide clear communication regarding policies and make sure the drop off sessions are suitable for all families, please ensure you are available or can make alternative arrangements on session days for these circumstances.  


Enrolment in the club secures a permanent weekly session/s booking for your child. Session fees are charged for all absences and holidays. 

Although rare, the session may need to be cancelled due to personal illness or reasons beyond our control. Any staff holidays or community space closures are advised well in advance and personal illness closures will be individually communicated with as much notice as possible. There is no charge for cancelled or closed sessions and any money paid for these will be credited toward your following session. 



Tuesday session fee $80 

Thursday session fee $80

Payments are made in advance and must be received prior to the day of the session. Checking of received payments is not possible on the morning of the attending session. 

Bond payment = number of attending weekly sessions x session fee x 2. Bonds will be used as the last two weeks payment which is the required notice period for cancellation of enrolment. Bond payment is required to secure the enrolment. 

Absences including holidays are charged at the same session rate. 

Casual bookings may be if available if the capacity allows and payments are made at the time of booking. 

A two week notice period is required for cancellation of enrolment and will be charged for (Bond covers the two week notice period). Payment terms not adhered to will result in the enrolment ending. 

* Next policy & fee review July 2024 (this is not a fee increase - any potential fee increases from a review will be communicated in advance) 


To decide whether the club is suitable for your child and we can accomodate for your needs, we like to invite parents and their child/children to schedule an informal meeting to get to know one another. This is an opportunity for your child to see the environment and for us to engage in open communication about your child’s needs.

* Meet and greets are scheduled at a time when I do not have sessions running. 

After meeting, we will make contact to discuss our visit and enrolment, complete administration and arrange a time for you and your child to visit for an orientation session if required. 

After reading all the information provided, please use the booking link below to schedule a meet and greet.

Click the link to book an available time* -

*Families will be contacted regarding their meet and greet booking if the sessions required are at capacity or if children are under 4 years of age at the intended start date. 


After your meet and greet visit and your day/s of attendance are confirmed, an enrolment form link will be sent via email to be completed and returned prior to your first session, giving time for the information to be reviewed and processed.

Once your completed enrolment form has been submitted and accepted, you will be invoiced for your bond payment. Your first weeks session/s are invoiced separately and a week in advance. Payments are made via bank transfer.


Prior to your official start date, you may like to organise an hour to visit a session for you and your child on a day that your child will attend. In this time your child can explore the club environment and interact with their new peers with the comfort of a parent being nearby. Of course if your child is comfortable and confident with separation and eager for this independence, then an orientation visit may not be required.

My goal is to support all children and families with their individual journeys and realise some children may need extra time, support and reassurance settling into a new and unfamiliar environment. Orientation visits are usually an hour (seperate from the first meet and greet) and further visits can be arranged if your child requires. 


Facebook Group / Photo Permission

After enrolment you will be accepted into our parent FB group where I will post photos of our day, any important messages or general communication. Please check the chat groups upon joining. Photos of your child that contain images of other children can not be shared without permission as per our enrolment terms and conditions. Details on photo permissions are required in the enrolment form.

Please request to join our Parent Group here


Signing In & Out

Parents are required to sign children in and out of the session at the door and sign off on all absences upon returning to care.  


Communication & Grievances

All communication and concerns will be addressed by parents and Facilitators in a private and respectful manner. Any grievances will be discussed at a time deemed appropriate and scheduled out of operating hours and when children are not present. Please make a time to see Haley if needed. 


Invoices are issued weekly on a Friday and must be receipted by the due date. 

Illness & Hygiene Reminder 

One of our main priorities is reducing the risk of illnesses spreading. Exclusions apply for all symptoms of illness and include consistent runny noses, coloured mucus, consistant or chesty coughs, active cold sores or any other communicable illnesses. Please seek our advice before bringing your child into care. Parents with a child displaying symptoms of being unwell while here will be contacted for collection.

Hygiene practices are implemented with the children as part of our daily program. Children coming in to care will be encouraged to wash their hands on arrival and will practice basic hygiene such as washing our hands frequently, covering using the inside of our elbow for any coughs and sneezes and using a tissue to clear their nose. 


When packing your child's bag for the day, please refer to the checklist of required items below. Please ensure your child’s clothing is sun safe, supports successful toileting and is non-restrictive for comfort and active play; dresses and skirts may not be appropriate for active play, and toileting with independence is much easier for the children when they are wearing simple, comfortable clothing without tricky poppers or buttons. T-shirts that cover the shoulders are required to protect the skin while outdoors (please avoid singlet straps). 

We may engage in messy or muddy play, so please dress your child in clothing that is suitable for this. Art aprons are provided for some activities and use of these will be encouraged but not forced, and doesn’t guarantee all clothing will be protected. There is no standard of dress code here - it is important your child is comfortable - superheroes, pyjamas and all the stains are welcomed.

Although suncream will be provided to the children throughout the day, please ensure your child has had suncream applied before arrival or feel free to use the supplied one at drop off. 

Please ensure all of your child’s belongings are clearly labelled. 

Please pack in your child’s bag - (if applicable) 

- anything special they’d like to bring in from home (there will be opportunities for sharing time) or comfort items 
- 50+ suncream (if prefer own or have allergies)*
- spare weather appropriate clothing 
- a waterproof/ wet bag 
- a hat that covers the back of the neck
- sufficient amount of food for the day in an insulated lunch box/bag
- a filled leak proof water bottle (water only) 
- weather appropriate, secure footwear and socks for outdoor climbing if required (eg runners, securely strapped sandals, gum boots for wet weather play - thongs, slip on or unsupportive shoes may not suitable for some physical play) ^
- a waterproof/rain jacket for wet weather 
- sun safe rash vest and shorts/ sleeved bathers, and a towel for warm weather water play 
- children may bring a fully charged iPad or tablet and head phones at parents discretion and full responsibility. This must be handed to a Facilitator on arrival if your child is unlikely to keep this in their bag. **

**Minecraft Education may be facilitated for a short time during the session for those with a device, to provide an option for those with a gaming and technology interest or a need for regulation.

*50+ sunscreen will be provided at the door to put on your child when arriving and used for the children as needed during the day 

^ There are so many health benefits of being bare footed and this is encouraged, however this may not be safe in some outdoor areas and shoes will always be required for hot ground and unsafe surfaces outdoors. Children are welcome to arrive barefoot and remain barefooted in our indoor and gated outdoor area.