Podcasts (ITunes)


The Gentle Counsellor - Understanding the four attachment styles 

Evolutionary Parenting - How do we move towards gentle parenting across cultures? 

Gentle Parents Unite - What is gentle parenting and why we don’t use consequences 

Single Mother Survival Guide - Gentle parenting and managing separation anxiety in young children (with Pinky McKay) 

The Parented Podcast - How gentle parenting changed my life 

The Good Enough Mother - Neuroscience and the nurture revolution (with Dr Greer Kirshenbaum)

Be Loud About What Matters - Respectful parenting and breaking generational patterns



The Good Enough Mother - Beyond sleep training (with Carly Grubb) 

Birth Works - Infant Sleep Research (Dr James McKenna)

The Way We Parent - Scientific Motherhood (with Tracy Cassels) 

Evolutionery Parenting - Can Co-sleeping Help Prevent SIDS? Part 1 (with Dr James McKenna) 



The Australian Breastfeeding Podcast - Gentle parenting, postnatal depression and looking after yourself (with Crystal from The Gentle Counsellor) 

Motherness The Podcast - Gentle parenting, anxiety, co-sleeping, sleep deprivation, low supply, Mum friends (with Anna Miles)  



The Australian Breastfeeding Podcast - The most common milk supply myths busted 

Evolutionary Parenting - What are the myths we’re told about nursing beyond infancy? (with Meg Nagle - The Milk Meg)