Guidelines For Business Listings & Group Experts


Businesses listed on our Parent Directory are invited to join our private Facebook Group. 

Click here to join and review our group description and rules  Gentle, Attachment and Responsive Parenting - Australia

Please review our Group Guidelines here.

Personal profiles are approved to join. Business profiles and pages are not approved to join; this is to maintain a non sales-based, personal approach within our community. 

Upon joining, please see our announcement section within the group for more information on group experts for members. 



All of our group experts are listed as a resource on the Cocoon Kin Parent Directory. This listing is not paid advertising and is formed through networking and a verbal agreement between Cocoon Kin and the listed business and is based on mutual values and a shared interest in providing a supportive environment and resources for our community.



In addition to providing a community for parents and caregivers to support one another, we aim to provide options for members to access professional services and support.  


Our group experts are invited to provide opportunities to connect with members within the comments, offer support and resources and provide a professional avenue for support. 

When specific support is needed, professionals will be tagged into comments as an invitation to provide support for the posting member.

Group experts are encouraged to share our group among their own communities. 

Cocoon Kin provides exposure to all listed businesses by promoting their service via our website within various parenting groups, in our private group and via social media. Directory listings will be advertised via a Directory Highlight and will have a featured post on the Cocoon Kin Instagram page. 

A mutual follow, along with sharing and supporting each others businesses via Instagram is encouraged.


• Accept your Group Expert invitation and complete all business information 

• Post an introduction 

• Comment on members posts that resonate with the services you provide and leave your links for support/website/blog/socials 

• Post relevant information via your social accounts/blog 

• Host a Q & A

• Create a Room for live discussions 

• Link an event your holding

• Offer your free resources and collect email subscribers 

• Send me your website links to your relevant blogs and articles so I can add these to our Guides tabs and Parent Resource Directory. 



Group experts are welcome to contribute as little or as proactively within the group as preferred, keeping in mind this is a shared space and a balance of content posted is preferred. 

We provide a welcoming and safe community for all our members. Our members and experts are expected to provide support, kindness, empathy and solidarity when responding to posts.  

All members and experts are expected to acknowledge and respect the group rules upon requesting to join the group. 

When advertising services, group experts are asked not to provide an excessive sales-based or personal bias approach. Private messaging members is not allowed unless a member has specifically requested this. 

When responding and commenting on posts to advertise your business, a warm, friendly and informative comment is preferred, along with your links and service. 

When leaving the group, updating or deactivating businesses, please inform Cocoon Kin via Instagram to keep active listings up to date. 



While our professional members display a group expert badge, exclusion will occur if any rule break has occurred intentionally. 



As we provide an inclusive community, there is no competition within the group and we value sharing of other services and groups that share our values. 

Group experts are approved to promote their services when required. If a member other than a group expert wishes to promote their service, business, survey or competition, prior permission from Cocoon Kin must be received. 


Are you a professional that aligns with our values? Please get in touch via Instagram or email