NOR Homeschool Community Kids Club - Information for Enrolled Families


Facebook Group / Photo Permission

After enrolment you will be accepted into our parent FB group where I will post photos of our day, any important messages or general communication. Please check the chat groups upon joining. Photos of your child that contain images of other children can not be shared without permission as per our enrolment terms and conditions. Details on photo permissions are required in the enrolment form. No screenshots or sharing of any information are permitted outside the group. 

Please request to join our Parent Group here

We recommend setting up notification alerts so important communication will not get missed.

Signing In & Out

Parents are required to sign children in and out of the session on arrival and departure.

Communication & Grievances

All communication and concerns will be addressed by parents and Facilitators in a private and respectful manner. Any grievances will be discussed at a time deemed appropriate and scheduled out of operating hours and when children are not present. Please make a time to see Haley if needed. Due to the children's group departure and strict lock up times, end of day communication is limited. Please message outside of hours for any questions regarding your child's day.


Invoices are issued weekly in advance of attendance and must be receipted by the due date. Payment terms are strict and communication from parents regarding payments is expected. 

It is highly recommended to set up recurring payments to ensure on time payments.

Illness & Hygiene Reminder 

One of our main priorities is reducing the risk of illnesses spreading. Exclusions apply for all symptoms of illness and include consistent runny noses, coloured mucus, consistant or chesty coughs, active cold sores or any other communicable illnesses. Please seek our advice before bringing your child into the session. Parents with a child displaying symptoms of being unwell while here will be contacted for collection.

Hygiene practices are implemented with the children as part of our daily program. Children coming in to care will be encouraged to wash their hands on arrival and will practice basic hygiene such as washing our hands frequently, covering using the inside of our elbow for any coughs and sneezes and using a tissue to clear their nose. 


When packing your child's bag for the day, please refer to the checklist of required items below. Please ensure your child’s clothing is sun safe, supports successful toileting and is non-restrictive for comfort and active play; dresses and skirts may not be appropriate for active play, and toileting with independence is much easier for the children when they are wearing simple, comfortable clothing without tricky poppers or buttons. T-shirts that cover the shoulders are required to protect the skin while outdoors (please avoid singlet straps). 

We may engage in messy or muddy play, so please dress your child in clothing that is suitable for this. Art aprons are provided for some activities and use of these will be encouraged but not forced, and doesn’t guarantee all clothing will be protected. There is no standard of dress code here - it is important your child is comfortable - superheroes, pyjamas and all the stains are welcomed.

Although suncream will be provided to the children throughout the day, please ensure your child has had suncream applied before arrival or feel free to use the supplied one at drop off. 

Please ensure all of your child’s belongings are clearly labelled. We recommend using one large bag to contain all items required.

Please pack in your child’s bag - (if applicable or depending on weather) 

- anything special they’d like to bring in from home (there will be opportunities for sharing time) or comfort items 
- 50+ suncream (if prefer own or have allergies)*
- at least one spare set of weather appropriate clothing 
- non-slip socks for indoor use
- a waterproof/ wet bag 
- a hat that covers the back of the neck
- sufficient amount of food for the day in an insulated lunch box/bag
- a filled leak proof water bottle and a spare bottle if own filtered water is required
- weather appropriate, secure footwear and socks for outdoor climbing if required (eg runners, securely strapped sandals, gum boots for wet weather play - thongs, slip on or unsupportive shoes may not suitable for some physical play) ^
- a waterproof/rain jacket or suit for wet weather 
- sun safe rash vest and shorts/ sleeved bathers, and a towel for warm weather water play 
- children may bring a fully charged iPad or tablet and head phones at parents discretion and full responsibility. This must be handed to a Facilitator on arrival if your child is unlikely to keep this in their bag. **

**Minecraft Education may be facilitated for a short time during the session for those with a device, to provide an option for those with a gaming and technology interest or a need for regulation.

*50+ sunscreen will be provided at the door to put on your child when arriving and used for the children as needed during the day 

^ There are so many health benefits of being bare footed and this is encouraged, however this may not be safe in some outdoor areas and shoes will always be required for hot ground and unsafe surfaces outdoors. Children are welcome to arrive barefoot and remain barefooted in our indoor and gated outdoor area.